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Barca Finally Drops A Match

Creative Commons License photo credit: procsilas

This is where Barca’s headed…

Barca finally lost a match…2-1 to Atletico Madrid.  Now, Pep gave all the credit to the opposition and I tend to agree with him.  Barca is on fire and for a lowly team like Atletico to beat Barca must have taken some work.  So, how does this affect the Premier Division table?

By giving up the win they are tied at 17 wins with Real Madrid, but only have one loss so they are 2-points up on the table over Real Madrid.  Is Real Madrid poised to take a shot at the top of the league table?

Through the end of the month both Real Madrid and Barca have equally easy schedules and I almost be assured that Barca will not drop another one like this.  Real Madrid on the other hand…

I already talked about the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is in Madrid for the money and probably not SUPER interested in playing soccer…well, if he’s the best player on a team that could overtake the reigning league and European Champions that doesn’t bode well.  Madrid may have a brief moment close to Barca at the top of the table, but this can’t last for long.

When I predicted that Madrid would crumble it was because I thought they had too many superstars…not because I thought Ronaldo was completely disinterested.  This disinterest will keep Real Madrid from going where they want to go.  They’ll stay close to Barca all season, but they will never overtake them.

Now, Real Madrid is 10 points up on Valencia, but I’d be interested to see if those two clubs started to converge on the table.  I don’t think Valencia can win enough or Madrid can lose enough to bring their point totals close together, but wouldn’t it be interesting if that happened?

Barcelona fans should take heart…their boys aren’t going on anywhere but the top.  Madrid on the other hand…they’ve left room for speculation.