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Barca Eyeing Villa and Fabregas

Celebración Triplete del FC BarcelonaBarcelona doesn’t waste much time–do they?  They’ve already won La Liga and after scoring a record 99 points on the table they are looking to upgrade an EXTREMELY good team for next season.

Well, how do you improve on near perfection in Spain?  Grab some more Spaniards.  Namely David Villa and Cesc Fabregas.  The duo of Spaniards who have starred for the Spanish National team–and probably will again at the World Cup–look to be in the sites of Barcelona management.

Can you blame them?  Cesc led Arsenal to 3rd place in the EPL and Villa is a star for a very good Valencia team.  So, how do they get them there?  They’ve got to pay them!

A club official is quoted as saying:

“That [transfer] of Villa is well advanced.  By contrast, Arsenal must make a starting price for Cesc, which they have not yet done, but both want to come here.”

To me that says, “He already said he’s coming.  As for Cesc it’s a little different because they sort of have to woo him.  However, I think they don’t need to do much wooing.  Wooing easy when you’re winning.

I also find it interesting that the club officials who speak to the media do so with a sort of “earned arrogance”.  They know how good the team, but even when they try to sound humble what they’re really saying is, “We don’t have to buy a team–a team comes to us” which would be a direct dig at Real Madrid.  Check this one out from another Barca official:

“Our team is like a puzzle,” Oliver was quoted as saying in AS. “One feature is that it has no specific objectives, but it is true that we are focusing on three specific positions. For us it is a compliment that players like Villa and Fabregas have expressed their desire to play with us.

“These players are clear that they are top professionals, but there is a long process between when they produce such a statement and when they can be here.”

Like I said, they might as well spit in Madrid’s face–and they can–because they won the league and they’ll have a better team next year.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Ferminius