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Barca Exhibits a Severe Lack of "Hand"

Once again, Barcelona is exhibiting an intense lack of “hand” when they gave away a draw to Osasuna.  I think the picture says it all…

Now that you’ve a minute to look it over I’ll get to the real problem here.  It’s not that Osasuna drew Barca.   Technically, any team can beat or draw anybody on any given day (regardless of how bad they are.)  No, the problem is the fact that the draw was given through an own goal by a “superstar” in Pique.

European Champions (which is who Barca is right now) don’t gives away points to teams that are clearly inferior through draws and they CERTAINLY don’t give away those points with own goals.  Pique made the bone-headest of bonehead plays and it brought Barca down to being only point ahead of Real Madrid.  Basically, Christmas came early in Madrid.

Now, with Ronaldo still out and Barca hemorraging points the boys from the Capital can rest easy knowing that they probably couldn’t get too far behind even if they went on a major skid.

Here’s the thing:  I think this plays right into my prediction that Real Madrid will crumble at the seams.

Think about it.  Madrid has their best player go down.  They are in a bad spot.  Barca starts playing like stupid little children.  Madrid knows they can’t get too far behind.  Barca keeps playing stupidly.  Madrid gets overconfident.  They start to fall apart when they get complacent…

Bickering starts to overtake the Madrid locker room.  Barca gets themselves together (when they realize Madrid is crumbling.)  {This is most likely the case for Leo Messi to prove is THE BEST player in the world.  He can come in like a knight on a white horse and save his team from bickering their way into oblivion like Madrid will do because Cristiano Ronaldo [as great as he is] is NOT an emotional leader and I think Messi is.}

Now Barca is winning another league (and possibly European) title and Madrid is left wondering where it all went wrong.  They had Barca in their sites.  Barca has a stupid draw, but it was meaningless because Madrid couldn’t act professionally long enough to see through their great fortune (and Barca’s misfortune.)

You can say I’m right, you say I’m wrong, but don’t say you would be surprised if this happened.  You know it’s all too close to reality already…