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Barca Can Easily Continue Their Streak

Camp Nou. 14-04-2006
Creative Commons License photo credit: Laureà

This stadium could tilt more than once this season…

Barcelona is in a good position to take their Champion’s League momentum and put it in into high gear in “La Liga” when they return to league action on Sunday.

They have upcoming:  Zaragoza, Osasuna, Mallorca, and Bilbao before they play Real Madrid on April 11th.  What kind of a tear can they go on between now and then?  How much momentum can they build up before they clash with Real?

Barca is in the unique position to both be comfortable in the Champion’s League and uncomfortable at home.  Technically, Real Madrid is in 1st place in the Spanish Premier Division because they have one more win than Barca even though both clubs have 65 points.

So, Barca is cruising to a European title, yet they are struggling in a rat race at home.  Can they win both trophies in the same season?  Is the confluence of opponents in Spain somehow more difficult than that of the Champion’s League?

I suppose that’s possible, but you must understand that sometimes teams get comfortable in one spot and not another.  However, Barca also has NO competition between now and their April 11th match with Madrid.  By then, they could be out front OR they could take 3 points from Real Madrid and demoralize their closest opponents.

Barca needs to take their Champion’s League glory, translate it to Spanish, and take care of business before Aprill 11th. They do THAT and they can put both leagues in the bag nearly at the same moment in time.

Add to that the fact that Barca has a “field general” in Messi and Real does not–and you’ve got real potential for a dual celebration in the Capitol this year.