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Barca and Real Madrid In a League of Their Own

leere pokale
Creative Commons License photo credit: loop_oh

There’s no crying in La Liga football!

On second thought there is plenty of crying in La Liga football.  Just not if you play for Real Madrid or Barcelona.  The two teams not only lead the league in victories they lead the league by such a large margin they could both basically quite playing their stars right now and they would still finish in the top four. 

The two clubs now have a lead of 18 points over third place Valencia.  You read that right.  In other words with 11 matches left on the schedule the two clubs have a six match lead over the rest of the pack.  And am I surprised?  Of course not.

Everyone knew that these two clubs would come in first and second this season.  The only real debate was could Real Madrid surpass the treble winners in one year.  Well that is a tall order to ask any club with any monetary situation, but in Madrid’s case they have one of the best club’s that money can buy and it certainly hasn’t hurt them this season.

And to make matters worse I just read a few weeks back that Manchester United desires to finally burst back open the piggy bank and sign a star player this summer.  You might be stratching your head thinking what does this have to do with La Liga?  The answer is everything.

If Man U wants a star player to play up top with Mr. Rooney then look no further then Valencia’s two stars David Villa and David Silva.  The two men play for a club hungry for cash and unable to compete for the league title due to these freak teams.  If Valencia were to allow this to happen then that means an 18 point gap might increase even more. 

And that isn’t fun for anybody.  Well other then Manchester United of course.