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Balotelli Reveals Napoli Dream

Mario BalotelliControversial Italian young striker, Mario Balotelli, is known for his affection towards Ac Milan as he has publicly revealed it more than once to the media.

However, recently the new Manchester City striker seems to has a new crush for an Italian side and that team is Napoli, that currently doing pretty well in the start of the season.

The former Inter Milan striker revealed that his affection towards Napoli came after his recent visit to the city and was amazed by the enthusiasm that he received from the football fans in Naples. Moreover, Balotelli also opens up the chance to play for the ex-Diego Maradona club in the future, adding that his admiration for the people there is one of his main consideration.

“I was in Naples for a week this summer and the affection that I got from the people can’t ever be compared with that towards me from elsewhere,” Balotelli said. “Right now I am a Manchester City player and I am happy there. But in the future, never say never. I always carry the people of Napoli with me in my heart.”

The possibility of Balotelli playing for Napoli in the future is also being supported by his agent, Mino Raiola, who agreed his client’s opinion about the great enthusiasm of the Naples people and football fans. Despite not denying the possibility of a return to Italy, Raiola did added that at the moment going to England was the right choice for the 20-years-old striker.

“I agree with Balotelli when he says never say never. He has remained enthusiastic about Napoli,” Raiola said.

Balotelli’s affection towards Napoli is probably a little bit exaggerated by the media, although the chance is always there but should he ever decided to end his EPL adventure, the most likely Italian club that might grab him is Milan. The flirtation between Balo and the Rossoneri has been going pretty intensive since last season with both parties are not shy to reveal their interest, with the recent history of ex-Inter star changing their color to red and black, the Italian international is another players that could follow that path.

However, nothing is certain in the future and just like Balotelli said himself, ‘Never Say Never’, so instead of wearing the Rossoneri jersey there’s always a chance that the striker will play for Napoli. One thing for sure, at the moment he is still a Manchester City player and would need to establish his quality there for a while before deciding something for his future.

Photo credit: from Catatan Bola Photo Gallery