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Balotelli Looks To Break the Bank

SecurityMario Balotelli is apparently waging an EPL war between the league’s biggest spenders and the twenty year old troubled forward is seriously raising his value by simply biding his time and awaiting the best offer.

Right now there is reportedly a three team race to sign the young Italian born prospect, but Balotelli is still under contract for three more seasons and is considered by his team to be priceless to their future campaigns. But of course there is a price for everything and for such a young star with so many potentially great seasons ahead that price is a little bit steeper then most.

Balotelli is supposedly worth around a thirty five to forty million via transfer fee and the three teams eager to bid on the hot tempered young forward all should have the ability to pull off the lucrative deal:

1) Chelsea is interested, but with the Blues Balotelli would likely see only limited action and such a proposition might motivate a repeat outburst like last year with Jose Mourinho in Italy in which the player got into multiple fights with the coach and his teammates due to his immature behavior.

2) Manchester United would make more sense, but I still don’t believe that the Glazers will significantly break the bank this summer. They do need a reliable number three striker to play significant minutes, but I doubt the Red Devils will be willing to outbid the other two sides.

3) The move most likely is to who other then Manchester City where Balotelli would be reunited with his former Inter coach Roberto Mancini. Of course for Balotelli it would put him in good company, but the only question is for how long considering Mancini enters the season on the hot seat?

For Balotelli the best move might be to stay at Inter for another season and continue to raise his value while playing respectable minutes. But a move appears to be on the way. Just don’t expect it to be this week or at least today.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Anonymous Account