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Balotelli Detained Briefly After Illegally Storming Women’s Prison

Trust Balotelli to get in the news for all the wrong reasons. The 20 year old former Inter Milan striker was on Friday detained for having driven into a women’s prison without authorisation.

Super Mario is no stranger to controversy and his actions on Friday further supports his bad boy image. According to Italian daily Gazetto Dello Sport, Balotelli and his 17 year old brother Enock tried to enter the prison at 1600HRS CET but were stopped by security, questioned and detained for 30 minutes.

Its still unclear why Balotelli decided to visit the prison however, his age does give us a little clue. While being interviewed, One of the Prison officers sought to shed some light on the scenario.

“It was 1600 when we saw a high-powered Mercedes come through the gate. Inside were two boys, after a few minutes we realised one of them was Balotelli.

“Physically we recognised him, but that is not enough, so we proceeded with official procedure. At the end they both appeared a bit frightened. They said they saw the gate opened and never imagined they would need a special permit to visit the prison. The two were particularly intrigued by the fact it was a women’s prison.

“Balotelli has apologised. He spoke in a low voice, he was a little embarrassed.”

Balotelli is supposed to be recovering from an injury he sustained in the early days of the EPL season and i am sure he has a lot of explaining to do when he gets back to Eastlands.

Photo credit: from MattyV53