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Balotelli Demands 180,000 Pounds Per Week

The Mario Balotelli transfer saga has taken yet another turn after the 19 year old placed fresh demands to his would be employers. Currently on tour with Inter Milan in North America, Balotelli’s deal has not been finalised despite his agent Mano Raiola stating that everything was alright and that the transfer fee was the only contentious issue blocking the move.

Balotelli is now demanding wages of whooping 180,00 Pounds each week and a lucrative image rights deal before he moves to Eastlands. Super Mario agreed to a 5 year deal that would earn him bout 4 miliion Pounds per annum or 75,000 Pounds per week.

Adebayor earns 160,000 Pounds per week same as Robinho, Kolo Toure earns in the region of 120,000 Pounds while new signing and Brother Yaya Toure will be taking home a massive 221,000 Pounds per week. From these figures, it is easy to see why Balotelli is demanding obscene wages.

Whether he is out to milk the Citizens for their money or whether he is justified in his demands is a debate for another day, however, Balotelli should not push his luck. If he is looking for a good deal, then Man City is one of the few clubs that can meet his desires.

The longer the negotiations continue, the more unlikely it will be for him to leave the San Siro.

A source close to the Balotelli transfer deal was quoted a saying,

“We all know City are paying well over the odds in transfer fees and salaries, but this is an enormous salary for the player.

“If the sum being demanded is accurate, then it is stupid money, and you can see why City are not paying it, because there are some really big established international stars in their team who would be raising an eyebrow and asking for more money for themselves.”

There is no better way to put. Balotelli should be more concerned with improving talent before he can start demanding for such a salary.

Photo credit: from __ankor