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Bad Outing For Italian Clubs In Champions League

It was bound to happen. A 2-0 home loss to Ajax gave the Rossoneri their first defeat in 6 outings confirming that Milan relies totally on their Swedish import Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Milan’s defeat and Roma’s draw away to CFR Cluj completes the poor performances shown by the Italian representatives on match day 6 of the UEFA Champions League tournament.

The good news, is that all 3 teams made it to the knock out stages. The bad news however, remains whether they will be able to mount up a strong challenge against the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester United or even Tottenham.

Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri bemoaned his sides display admitting in effect that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a player who is hard to replace.

“I think that at the base of this loss, there was a lack of motivation on behalf of the players,”

Rather than it being a case of lack of motivation, i think it was more of overconfidence. Looking at Milan’s last 6 encounters, the Rossoneri have won 5 matches drawing only once.

The last time Milan had such a start to the season was quite a while back. Their current form is a double edged sword. It can either make or destroy them.

“It was a Champions League match, and we did not have that extra motivation to do better.

“It is a difficult moment when you rest someone like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as we played with two forward who generally play behind him. I think the players did the best they could this evening.

Like i said before, over reliance on Ibra is bound to create an inferiority complex amongst team mates thereby providing opposition with perfect opportunity to exploit it to the fullest.

“There is no substitute for Ibra, but the characteristics of the side should not change too much if one key player is missing. Ronaldinho and Robinho are two totally different players. I had to rest Ibrahimovic this evening, and I did.”

These statements also show the extent to which Allegri’s relationship with Ronaldinho has deteriorated. I don’t expect Dinho to feature much in Allegri’s selection after such statements.

Now, the problem is not that Milan lost but rather That Ronaldinho did not live up to his reputation. Milan and all the Italian representatives in the tournament should up their game otherwise failure is inevitable.

Photo credit: from testinadoro