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Bad Day At The Office

欧冠皇马很给力Two Italian representatives, Ac Milan and As Roma failed to show their quality in their Champions League match day on Tuesday as they were defeated by their opponents, making their road to qualify from their respected groups gets harder.

Milan that travel to Santiago Bernebau fails to repeat their success last season as they were beaten by the home team 2-0, while Roma on the other hand received a much more worse result after getting stunned 3-1 at home by FC Basel.

Lack of Confidence and Two Freak Goals

Playing away at Santiago Bernebau, the Rossoneri were forced to head home with their heads down after failing to repeat last season’s surprise as they concede two quick goals that seemed to shock them. Although Milan haven’t actually started brightly, it was obvious that before the goals, that happened in the space on a minute hit them, the match was still pretty even with Madrid didn’t even made any dangerous effort.

However, after Cristiano Ronaldo successfully breach his free kick through Milan’s clumsy wall, the game shifted pace as the home team immediately get into the score sheet with another freak goal. This time Mesut Oezil harmless shot was viciously deflected by Daniele Bonera resulting Marco Amelia’s failure to reach for the ball as he was already wrong footed because of the wicked deflection. After this goal, the Rossoneri actually reacted pretty well and managed to create several chances, however the fear of being counter attacked seems getting into the players mind.

Nothing much different in the second half as Milan just failed to step up their game due to the mental block their facing with the fear of getting beat up by Madrid’s fast counter. This lack of confident performance didn’t provide anything good for the Rossoneri as they were pinned back even more at times although finally coming back into action in the end of the second period. Unfortunately, the late reaction from the Red and Black squad cost them the game as now they will be forced to get good results in the next three matches in order to qualify from the group.

Wasteful Roma Gets Punished

Milan’s failure to take anything from Benerbau might not be something worse than Roma’s defeat against FC Basel, a Swiss team that supposedly isn’t the team considered to challenge for Roma’s spot in the Group. However, the story seems to have a different script at Olympico as the away team surprisingly went home with all three points and also successfully netted three goals into the home team’s net.

Alexander Frei started Roma’s misery after scoring the visitor’s first goal in the 12th minute, however Marco Borriello did manage to equalize less than 10 minutes after Frei’s goal. Unfortunately for the Giallorossi, despite their constant threat and pressure, they were forced to fall behind just few minutes before the first period ended after Inkoom successfully sprung the offside trap and beat Bogdan Lobont to make the score 2-1 for Basel.

Playing without some of their key players such as Mirko Vucinic and Daniele De Rossi, the home team still working their best to equalize especially in the second half where the home team giving an intense pressure towards their Swiss counterparts. However, Roma players’ wastefulness in front of Basel’s goal was punished severely as instead of getting the equalizer they have been searching for, the home side went to concede the third goal as Cabral easily passed four defenders before beating Bogdan Lobont on Roma’s goal.

The defeats suffered by Milan and Roma are surely not a great advert for Italian clubs’ ranks as both teams failure could effect the coefficient point that the Serie A needed to keep four representatives in the competition. However, the chance for a revenge is still wide open for both teams especially the Rossoneri that will be acting as host against Madrid in the second leg which is scheduled to be held in two weeks time.

photo credit: Kirin Ju