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Athletes Be Warned, Big Brother is Always Watching

By now you’ve probably heard about the stories surrounding Tiger Woods and his hot Swedish wife, Elin Nordegrin.  Apparently the married couple had a little lover’s quarrel a few days back and the holiday evening ended with Tiger’s car wrapped around a neighbor’s tree and the Swedish hottie bashing a golf club through the vehicle’s back window to either rescue the star athlete or maim him. 

Police are investigating the incident and as of now no arrests or definitive storyline have been reported.  One thing that is for sure is that their was a car wrecked in Tiger’s front yard along with Tiger’s face as well.  And its easy in these cases to pull out the old Jump to Conclusions mat and start figuring out what exactly happened.  Did Tiger get it on with a lady friend sending the Swede into a golf swinging frenzy?  Maybe, but we are not 100% percent sure of this as of yet.

But to me this is the problem with present day journalism or I guess journalism in general.  Nobody knows exactly what happened (including the police) so maybe we should sit this one out and wait until we actually know what happened…. You see the same type of things happen off the playing field in all sports (including soccer) and there comes a time when you just need to say timeout.

I know this is often considered lame in modern day sports with the type of technology to “tweet” your emotions or snap a pic of what you are currently doing, but where is the line in these cases?  Sports stars may have millions of dollars, mansions, yachts, summer homes, golf courses named after them, hot Swedish wives, and get out of jail free cards, but deep down they are just ordinary people too.

And sure the millions of dollars they make should allow sports fans to be more critical of them then ordinary people, but at what cost?  Look what we do to the iconic figures that we supposedly love.  One day they are a legend and the next day they are a turkey.

The all knowing trend is only expected to get worse over time for big names.  In a few years I am sure twitter will be replaced by tweeter.  And Skype will be replaced by Smellivision.  But regardless of what doors these technological devices attempt to open we should remember that the most important facts are not the ones first reported, but the ones that are reported truthfully.

And, truthfully, it looks like Tiger is in a pretty awkward situation either way.