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The French Connection?

Enjoying the taste of winningFrenchman Greg Akcelrod always wanted to be a professional footballer.  And the twenty-seven year old went to great lengths to get his shot at his dream too.  Many people glorify their past sports career and tons of people also lie on their resume about their past work experience, but few can do it to the brilliant degree that Akcelrod recently did.

The French “football prospect” was given an extended tryout with elite Bulgarian club, CSKA Sofia.  This is an honor that is usually given to less then a dozen footballers a year.  Well although Akcelrod is fairly unknown to the world, he did create a buzz for his football career off of the pitch rather then on it. 

The French marketing whiz exaggerated his professional experience by creating a misleading website featuring a faulty resume of his past football career.  The site was designed to highlight his fake pro career with video clips and press clippings.  There was even a clip of Akcelrod scoring a goal for the English club Swindon Town.

Of course the kicker was that all the clippings and video clips were highlighting the Frenchman’s achievements in amateur or junior squad play and not for the actual professional team.  The same thing can be said for his junior club experience with Racing Club de Paris or Paris Saint-Gremain, two of the team’s the Frenchman had supposedly played for professionally. 

In other words Akcelrod did in fact play football in England, France, and Argentina, but never for a first team professional squad.  In fact the squads front offices had never even heard of the impostor simply because the matches he played in were in front of only a couple dozen fans.  Also Akcelrod claimed to be an ambassador to Lance Armstong’s testicular cancer charity which he later admitted that he had supported the charity by buying one of the yellow armbands for a buck.

As for the tryout Akcelrod didn’t last too long.  After a few days the Bulgarian powerhouse squad realized that something fishy was going on and didn’t offer the Frenchman a contract.  And Akcelrod will likely receive no punishment for the resume fib considering he wasn’t under contract and was only guilty of wasting the time of the squad for inspecting him.  But perhaps Akcelrod can repay his debt by undertaking a day job at the club or the FFF for that matter due to this sheer skill he has at resume glorification. 

After all if he can make a French amateur’s career look like a top professional prospect then imagine what type of website he could create for the troubled French national team.      

Creative Commons License photo credit: Abdullah AL-Naser