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STO Celebrity Faceoff: Charlie Sheen VS Emilio Estevez

Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez are in fact brothers despite having very different last names.  The two men are the spawn of famous actor Martin Sheen  (Estevez was Sheen’s real name).  

The brothers have recently taken different paths with their career moves though.  Charlie Sheen has recently adapted  to sitcom television; while older brother Emilio has moved behind the lens as a director.  And although the Men at Work stars have recently taken different roads to success, the STO debates which of Martin’s sons would be a Young Gun in the MLS and which would Platoon under all the pressure.

Tale Of the Tape

Emilio “The Mighty Duck” Estevez

Height: 5’4     Age: 47     Recent Work: Bobby, Rated X

With roles in films like The Outsiders and The Breakfast Club, Emilio Estevez was destined to be a jock.  He’s short in stature, but fiery in spirit and the older Sheen brother knows a thing or two about coaching with his role in the Mighty Ducks.  And becoming a middle-aged MLS player wouldn’t be the worst decision he ever made.  Estevez was once married to Paula Abdul.  Zing!

Charlie “The Machine” Sheen

Height: 5’10     Age: 44     Recent Work: Two & a Half Men, Scary Movie 4 

When he’s not stalking Michael Jordan in Haines commercials, Charlie Sheen is often considered a pretty cool guy (he was married to Denise Richards). And lets face it,  Sheen would make a popular player in any club’s locker room.  Ma-Sheen is not only funny, but the guy would likely increase the number of female fans that attend home matches.  The one question would be, though, would Ma-Sheen be there too?

The Result   

The winner is neither of the two Sheen/Estevez sons and is in fact Martin himself.  Can you imagine Martin’s reaction if he hadn’t won?  Have you seen Mr. Sheen’s work in Apocalypse Now?  Apparently the guy has been known to breakdown in hotel rooms when things don’t go his way.

So congrats Martin Sheen. 

You’re the best Sheen/Estevez soccer player!