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The STO Commissioner Critiques: Dream Match

Today is the last Saturday before the Fourth of July. The great thing about Independence Day is that like many holidays, it’s a day when you can do whatever you want.  A man can lounge around and watch soccer on TV, drink beers, and grill out with his friends by the pool.  It’s also one of the only days of the year where you can shoot off fireworks.

Of course, I – the STO Commish – usually blast my fireworks until seven in the morning keeping everybody else in the neighborhood up for the whole night. Ah, good times. But, besides all these great things, the Fourth of July is really about spending time with your family. And what’s the best way to spend a summer afternoon with the fam?

Well, watching a huge soccer match on television, of course. I’m not talking about the MLS or even a World Cup Qualifier.  And if you’re thinking about English or European leagues then you probably need a calendar.  What I am talking about is something groundbreaking. Something revolutionary. Something no one has ever seen before… 

A match that includes all the best players from all the best leagues around the world.  In other words – a global all-star game.  Think I’m crazy?  Well, they do it in hockey.  It’s called North America vs. the World (don’t think that would be a good idea in soccer though, and even in hockey it’s really Canada vs. the World, but hey at least we get name recognition).

The same principles that apply to the NHL would apply to my Dream Match. The soccer all-star game would be North and South America vs. the World (or Europe vs. the World).  Imagine the matchups on the field.  Think about what it would take to even be good enough to make the squad.  July 4th would be a perfect time to hold the competition too. 

Most soccer leagues have recently ended and the Confederations Cup is winding down. Can you imagine the hype surrounding such a match?  It would truly be a World Cup.  And then afterwards you would still have plenty of time to grill out, drink more beer, and shoot off fireworks keeping up the neighborhood until the wee hours of the morning.

Could a World All-Star Game work?

You be the judge.

I’ll just be the Commish.

But I won’t ever look as sweet as Chiklis did.

Where’s Chiklis? He’s out kidnapping Ronaldo, Kaka, Torres, Buffon, etc. What can I say, he liked my all-star game idea.

Well, and he does enjoy a bit of kidnapping too.