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The STO Commissioner Critiques: David Beckham

As we have all heard by now, last weekend David Beckham played in his 2009 home debut for the Los Angeles Galaxy.  The crowd booed, harassed, and branded the the star player a “fraud”.

And the STO Commish thinks that Becks was let off easy.

What did Beckham really think would happen when he betrayed the club that gave him the giant 250 million dollar paycheck?  Did he think that the fans would just roll out the red carpet and forget that he recently bolted on the Galaxy (two months before the season began) to join AC Milan last January?

The Becks on the cold reception of the home opener, “I’m not disappointed. It doesn’t affect me.  You can’t be liked by everyone.”  By halftime Beckham was seen hanging over the stands apparently provoking a fan to step onto the pitch.  A minor skirmish erupted, the fan was removed from the stands, and has begun serving a very lengthy 10 year ban from attending any Galaxy home matches.

It is being reported that Beckham supposedly provoked the situation by going out of his way to tell a rude fan he needed to come down to the pitch and shake his hand.  The fan tried to go down to the field level, but was removed by security.

Which brings the Commish to the question…

Why was Beckham over there in the first place?

Beckham makes roughly fifty million dollars a year playing in the MLS and the Los Angeles Galaxy did not make the playoffs in his first year.  And this year, he is five months late to the start of the MLS season.  And worst of all, he still hasn’t apoligized or shown any remorse for his lack of loyalty to the club.

The real question is not:

Why was David Beckham screaming in the stands?  But:

Why would a Galaxy fan want to shake his hand in the first place?

The Commish believes David Beckham owes the MLS an apology,

You be the Judge.

I’ll just be the Commish.

But, I won’t ever look as sweet as Chiklis.