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Landon’s European Vacation

Landon Donovan was granted his X-mas wish a week early and the MLS Most Valuable Player will be playing on brief loan in England’s top flight from January to March in 2010.

And despite much of the criticism that Landon has received for the brief move overseas, one Yank thinks it is the only hope the U.S. has at making a World Cup run next summer.

Landon Donovan needs to be reintroduced into world football. Not soccer as we call it hear in the states, but real, historical world football. And Everton is the club that offers Donovan the best chance to excel in Europe.

Sure there are plenty of other squads with bigger names and better results so far this season, but that is not in Mr. Donovan’s best interest. If Donovan signed with a Arsenal, Liverpool, AC Milan, Juventus, or Sevilla there would be certainly no guarantee that the midfielder would have a valuable role. Signing with Everton makes perfect sense because their squad is currently depleted with injuries and their results so far this year have been less then their usual expectations.

Bringing in Donovan means that Everton just got a little bit better and Landon Donovan will get a chance to regularly play in the toughest most competitive league in the entire world. This experience is what could make all the difference for a U.S. team that lacked aggression last World Cup. By playing in England Landon will finally get the chance to earn the title of a great world footballer.

Now he just needs to go out there and prove to the world that he is exactly that.