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It’s in the Fan Zone

Shure SM58Last week I suggested that European football add one of our most treasured modern day sports broadcasting inventions in the Red Zone.  This week I have a suggestion for the NFL to take a page out of European football’s book.

Are you tired of listening to the Tony Kornheiser’s of the world?  What about Billy Packer, Chris Berman, Jesse Palmer, Paul Maguire, and Lee Corso?  And can you not hit the mute button when a game is being announced by Dick Vitale, Brent Musberger, Tim McCarver, or even boxing’s Larry Merchant?  Well then I have the perfect cure for you.

The Fan Zone is one of the most entertaining ways of watching modern day sports.  But what is it?

Sky Sports selects one colorful fan to represent each EPL club and throughout the season the devoted fan does the broadcast of the match along with a devoted fan of the opposing team.  The result is priceless.

No more announcers clueless of your club’s roster and front office.  No more egos that have ballooned to such a scale they make Ron Burgundy look modest.  In fact no more announcers at all.

The greatest thing about the Fan Zone is right in the name.  The broadcast is done by actual devoted fans of each club meaning they know more about what’s going on then Mr. PTI himself (which isn’t much).  But what truly makes the show fantastic is that these guys are just regular guys thrilled with a chance of delivering a match regarding their beloved club.  And some of the things they say are priceless because of this.

Have you ever watched an NFL game and wanted to mute the TV with all the manlove given out to Brett Favre?  Or have you ever laughed when an announcer ignores the fact that a call was terribly made?  Or have you have winced when a broadcaster claims how great a diva athlete is in the locker room?

Well with the Fan Zone nobody is safe.  The fans will bash the other teams stars, laught at a few of the off-season moves performed, and tease the opposing team’s broadcaster about a recent DUI their star player received.  It is no holds barred broadcasting and that is what makes it entertaining. So instead of T.O. being praised for catching a touchdown pass, you might instead hear about how his time went in San Francisco, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

The best part about Fan Zone is it speaks the truth.

The best part about Fan Zone is it is delivered by people that actually care about the match.

The best part about Fan Zone is it doesn’t include any of the previously listed broadcasters.

And that is a good thing if you ask me.

Creative Commons License photo credit: laffy4k