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Down Goes Dempsey

Independence Day!
Creative Commons License photo credit: *Micky

The U.S. national team hasn’t been too lucky recently.  Many of their critical star players have suffered tremendously bad injuries in the last half of a year.  And unfortunately one more huge player might be added to the list.

For a squad that has already lost a key offensive player off of the pitch with an devasting injury and an important center back to a serious knee ligament tear, the last thing anyone on the U.S. wanted to hear was that Clint Dempsey might have suffered a long term knee injury of his own last weekend.  Dempsey was probably having the best year of any Yank internationally this season and he was also probably having the best single season of his career.    

The key winger went down in the 61st minute during the Fulham-Blackburn match that his squad went on to lose 2-0.  And to make matters worse the team medical staff believes that the injury was a PCL tear and that will likely mean that Dempsey will be out a significant amount of time if not the remainder of the Premier League season. (it turns out after this story was published that Dempsey would not need surgery and is expected to return to action before the end of the year)

The good news is that Dempsey did walk off of the pitch on his own two legs.  But these tears and sprains and other interior ligament injuries are often tough to evaluate.  Plenty of running backs in the NFL have torn their ACL’s and run for over one hundred yards in a game and then found out after their scans that they are going to miss a minimum of four to six months.

And thats a lot of time.

Especially when the window to play in your sport’s biggest event is every four years.