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FIFA Soccer 09 is STO’s Best Video Game

Here in the , it is the annual Madden time of the year, where kids all over America (both young or grown up) buy the popular sports video game franchise and look up the roster updates and marvel at the newly designed motion graphics.  And for the first time in years, I haven’t even really thought about the game’s release date.  That is thanks to FIFA Soccer 09

FIFA Soccer 09 is the perfect game for fans of the game of soccer.  First off,  EA Sports really tries to include every league into the video game’s format.  They have all the obvious leagues (Premier, La Liga, Serie A, MLS) plus many secondary leagues (Football League Championship, Serie B, Segunda Division) and other smaller leagues from all around the world (Argentina, German, French, Brazilian, etc..). And if you’re not into the whole league play thing they also have international squads to dabble with as well.

Also the game has a few cool features including a Be a Pro mode in which the user controls one individual’s four year club and international career, finishing with a tournament.  The user can control whether or not the player should look for a new squad at season’s end and, once captain, control the lineup as well.  The game also features a franchise mode in which the user can manage and play as all players.  In this mode you can also play in tournaments as well as the regular season fixtures. 

FIFA 09 is an outstanding game and if you have PS3 or XBox I highly recommend renting it or buying it.  The game has tons of interesting things to do including its best feature of all…  the excellent in-depth gameplay.