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The STO Commissioner Critiques: Super Leagues

Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez revealed a few weeks back his proposal for a new league  referred to as the “Super League.” 

It was a haunting suggestion to STO’s the Commish. 

How can one man want to control, potentially so much? 

Perez feels that the problem with the Champions League is that too many ordinary clubs get a spot in the tournament and that there is not enough emphasis put on the elite squads.  Perez argues that often some of the best clubs are eliminated too early in the tournament and in some cases the strongest clubs are not even awarded a spot at all due to their results from the previous year. 

The President of the richest club in the world feels that if you eliminate the unworthy smaller clubs, you generate a league where every match is epic and every club is legendary.  But what Perez is clearly forgetting about in his “Super League” Plan, is the fate of the often underappreciated little man. 

Whose to say that these smaller second-tier clubs do not deserve a chance to play and win such a tournament? 

The Commish believes the more clubs the merrier.

Let all the Champions League clubs battle it out and if the potential “Super League” clubs are so much better then everybody else, then they shouldn’t have a problem making it to the  final rounds of competition anyway.   But deep down even Perez knows that great clubs are also prone to the occasional mistake or bad match.   But in Perez’s “Super League” system a smaller club would not even be significant enough to be allowed on the field in the first place.

The Commish says give every club that qualifies a chance. 

It seems as if Perez’s idea just sounds like any other villanious tactic created to monopolize the football market.  The Commish can already visualize the evil lair that would assemble such a “Super League” conference.  It would be no different then the old Adam West Batman series.  All of the richest and most evil owners would be sitting in their selected large round table seats.  Perhaps a giant fiery lava pit would bubble in the middle of the war room.  Each owner would propose what teams were inferior to the Super League while banging their fists against the table in a fit of rage.    

If this elite league were ever created, it would only cause more problems rather then create any positive solutions.  It would give greedy players one more reason to be disloyal to their contract and demand a trade to a “Super League” club and it would only try to trivialize all the great tournaments that have existed for many years. 

The Commish thinks that Florentino Perez should scrap the blue prints for his evil, underground lair and spend more time focused on winning his own established league next season.