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STO Celebrity Faceoff: Peyton Manning VS Tom Brady

Young bowl 2009 - 29 Novembre - Vigorelli
Creative Commons License photo credit: bibendum84

Well it’s the peak of football season.  And when I say “football season” I mean both American football and European football for that matter.  Think about it.  In the last month or two we have witnessed the MLS Cup final, the World Cup and Champions League group draws, the re-opening of the transfer window, plus in American football we have witnessed the first round of the NFL playoffs and the finish of the college football season.  Right now truly is football season worldwide. 

And this summer in South Africa we will be put into even more of a football frenzy.  Too bad these guys in pads will just be getting reintroduced to contact drills and college dorm rooms for training camp.  What if the U.S. were able to figure out a way to transfer the two best QB’s in football skills to soccer during the off-season break.

The STO debates which QB truly would make a better footballer.


Peyton Manning          Team: Indianapolis Colts

 Height: 6″5                    Super Bowls: 1

Peyton “I’m In Every Commercial” Manning is not only a record holder in passing, but he also well known for calling a lot of his own plays at the line of scrimmage.  He is Zidane and Alex Ferguson all wrapped up into one and he is also known to pick apart a vulnerable defense with the long ball.  His strongest trait has to be how much better he makes all the players around him.  Look at what he has done for no-namers like Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon this year.  The man flat out knows how to breakdown a defense.  Just make sure he doesn’t have any commercials scheduled to be shot this summer.

Tom Brady          Team: New England Patriots

Height: 6″4          Super Bowls: 3

Tom “Don’t Call Me Zoolander” Brady is the modern-day franchise quarterback with a golden arm and good looks to match as well.  Brady went on a title winning run that no other player has ever matched winning the Super Bowl three out of four seasons.  At the time of the three Super Bowls Brady wasn’t even thirty years old yet.  Brady has matched this on-field greatness by marrying a super model last year following his season ending injury.  So perhaps Brady really had the best year of any player in the league despite only playing in one quarter?     


Tom Brady has the right look to be considered a great footballer.  He is loved by many adoring fans from all around the world.  He has slept with a variety of beautiful, famous actresses and models.  He has been seen wearing a fur coat in print ads.  In other words it seems like Brady would have to be the answer.

But on second thought Manning really is the better player and week in and week out you know he would be breaking down defenses on video with some reserve guy that didn’t even understand a word he was saying.  Manning must be the pick.  You could put him at defensive midfield or center-back and he would distribute the ball to the streaking open player.

If Manning was in your lineup you would also probably get some great deals around town too.  Plus the whole family generation to generation thing couldn’t hurt either.