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MLS Will Take Two Week Vacation Next Summer

The MLS has announced that during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa that there will be a two-week hiatus from any league matches.  The 15 day timespan the American league gave for the break will be from June 11th to the 25th.  During those weeks the World Cup group brackets will be played and the league also confirmed that no MLS games will be played during the semi-finals or finals of the World Cup as well.

And to be honest it’s about time the MLS got this right.  No offense to fans of the MLS, but having league matches on the same day as the World Cup final is like cooking Hot Pockets in the microwave when there’s a stuffed turkey on the dining room table.  In other words it makes no sense!  Last World Cup in Germany there were fourteen different MLS matches played during the opening qualifiers.  And could I tell you the result of any of them.  No.  Because I was watching the World Cup. 

It’s no insult to the MLS, it is simply common sense to avoid the matches from crossing over.  First off, it is unfair to the MLS teams.  These teams need the few national stars they have to play in as many games as possible.  Not having them because they were good enough to play in the World Cup should not be a penalty for their club. 

Also I find playing MLS matches during the World Cup to be considered disrespectful to the Cup.  For years people have begged the NFL to have a weekly Friday night game added to the schedule.  The NFL has declined due to the huge effect it would have on people attending high-school football games. 

Assuming MLS fans are not fans of the game globally would be like saying high-school football players aren’t fans of the NFL. 

It is the most beautiful game in the world, so why not spread it out.