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Real Madrid President Unveils “Super League” Plan

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez revealed his revolutionary plan for world football supremacy a few weeks back.  The president who has been gobbling up superstar players, like a game of Hungry Hippos, admits there is a method to his madness. 

It appears Perez is not a fan of the way the Champions League is formatted and the sixty-two year old desires a new league order.  The president’s comment to Spanish television regarding the new agenda, “We have to agree a new European Super League which guarantees that the best always play the best – something that does not happen in the Champions League.”

Perez is looking for a new league that would only invite the most talented squads to compete.  Perez believes by removing the huge underdogs, fans would get to see legendary matches due to the premier-level talent that would be present for the competition.  Perez is looking for a new way of creating rivalries for fans and is asking for a similar process done to European football that was done in the 90’s regarding inter-league play in MLB Baseball.

Perez still has not named any names as far as which clubs he would deem worthy of such a “Super League,” but surely it would encorporate the top squads in the world.  He also did not state any possibilities of promotion or relegation into and out of the league.  So far it seems as if this idea is still in the brainstorming process, but the Real Madrid president did admit that he hoped his idea would work without affecting or ending the current existing leagues.