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Could P Diddy Be Drinking Cristal in Crystal Palace?

Creative Commons License photo credit: AchimH

First he was known as the man behind Notorious BIG, then he moved into the spotlight and ended up putting his face on just about everything you can name and love:  music, movies, clothes, fragrances, vodka, and even J Lo’s booty. 

The artist formerly known as Puff Daddy and Sean “Puffy” Combs and currently known as P Diddy or in some cases just Diddy is looking to now put his one thousand, two hundred, and ninety six names on the EPL.  That’s right P Diddy is considering moving into the world of sports and he already has his eyes hypnotized on the perfect European football team. 

P Diddy recently visited England and discussed the purchase of one of two different English football clubs with several experts in the field.  Portsmouth and Crystal Palace are the two clubs desperate for an owner right now as they head into administration.  And perhaps even more shocking, P Diddy prefers Crystal Palace to Portsmouth.  Many consider this to be a bit of a surprise considering Crystal Palace is currently in third to last place in the English League Championship and might be relegated to League One; whereas Portsmouth would only be moving to the second tier after an EPL relegation this season. 

But P Diddy apparently likes the name Crystal Palace more then Portsmouth and sadly enough that just might decide what team he ends up spending hundreds of millions on.  And adding P Diddy to the EPL sounds a bit ludicrous at first thought (no pun intended) , but if he has the Benjamins to spend then I say let him spend them on what he wants to.  I’m sure the guy isn’t a genius when it comes to football management, but I’m sure he has plenty of knowledge when it comes to entrusting such an operation to the right people. 

After all the guy has been around the world and everything he touches does turn to gold, so why not allow him into the EPL.  Jay Z owns the Nets and although that is a terrible example of a celebrity owner at the moment,  I don’t think that Mr. Combs would have a Glaziers type of approach and if Crystal Palace needs funds then P Diddy is the perfect candidate to supply them with exactly that.  But then again the guy did once believe in the theory, mo money mo problems. 

And both Portsmouth and Crystal Palace would probably disagree with that theory right now.