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Raul Set to Join MLS

Creative Commons License photo credit: Arturo J. Paniagua

Spanish national team and Real Madrid legendary striker Raul is rumored to be heading to the MLS next season.  The aging striker has performed well when given the opportunity this season, but with all the huge signings made this recent off-season by Florentino Perez the vet knows that he could star in a less competetive league overseas and potentially make more money.

Raul could easily join another La Liga club where he could see elevated minutes on the pitch, but such a move would be seen as disrespectful to all of the years he spent with los galicticos.  The Spanish forward is linked with a move to the New York Red Bulls.  The Red Bulls have been desperately trying to land a star player for a few years now and Raul would be an ideal candidate considering that Thierry Henry still has a year left on his deal.  But part of the deal that Real Madrid and New York have is that Raul will still be under the same contract next season that he is currently under. 

The move is important for a number of reasons.  First off, it is the most significant player to join the MLS since David Beckham.  Secondly, it is a reminder to footballers worldwide that once you have accomplished everything you can moving to the MLS is not a bad option. 

 And third and final, the acquisition of a legendary player is guaranteed to make for some good and interesting football.

And what more can you ask for then that.