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Can You Say European Sequel?

Remember the movie European Vacation starring the funniest man alive in the 1980’s, Chevy Chase?  The premise was simple.  Take a previous hit comedy about a common subject (a family road trip), change a few family members around, and choose a new, fun, and interesting destination. 

The result: Another hit comedy.

So what if the kids looked different.  Sure Audrey packed on some pounds and shrunk a little bit and Rusty morphed from Anthony Michael Hall into a 6’6 giant with a giant mop of red hair.  Nobody went to the movie to see the kids anyway!  It was all about Chevy.

The same thing may soon happen with our favorite hit comedy Bend it Like Beckham Landon.  You know your favorite show about the odd couple relationship of two of your favorite footballers.  One is the famous, zany Englishman who arrived fashionably late to the States  (played by David Beckham) ; and the other is his uptight, no nonsense American roomie who has big aspirations of his own (played by Landon Donovan).  The pair is always butting heads and going about their business in polar opposite ways with hilarious slack stick results. 

But you always know that at the end of the episode the two will see the other one’s side of the argument and kiss and make up.

Well this storyline is getting a little stale and to tell you the truth there are too many shows about wacky European people adapting to life here in the States.  What about the other way around?  What if Bend it Like Beckham Landon went global?  With the classic Serie A twist.

Both men no longer friends, but foes.  Facing off for one of the most coveted trophies in the world.  Who will win?  Who will lose?  Will David ever pick up Landon’s dry cleaning?

Bend It Like Beckham Landon: The Transfer Years