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The Rich Get Richer?

Dollars !
Creative Commons License photo credit: pfala

For years New York Yankee’s owner George Steinbrenner bragged about how his squad was actually losing money at the end of every season in the financial books.  Why?  Because every off-season the Bronx Bombers were signing all star caliber players to deals more lucrative then the Louisiana Purchase.  Players like Sabathia, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, Texeria, A-Rod, Damon, Granderson, and many many more don’t come cheap and old Georgie Boy was known for matching any price offered by any greedy player.  Seriously people!  The last time Roger Clemens played he made over 25 million dollars and that was for about half of a season’s worth of work!!!

To some of these owners money is not an issue.  And they prove this by burning through stacks of green like it was going out of style.  And soccer overseas is no different.  Manchester city owner Sheikh Mansour is from the same school as the Yankees managing partners.  Mansour just reported a near 100 million euro loss on the year.  And what is the first thing he is going to do about it?  Sign a well known, aging defensive midfielder of course!

The day of spending in sports has come and, unfortunately, there is no end in sight.  Big wigs buy teams and overspend.  Causing everyone else in the league to overspend as well.  And what becomes out of control for one team soon is followed suit by two or three more.  Pretty soon the words salary cap become a distance memory due to the shopping splurge (ask the NFL about this potential problem). 

The days for playing for just one squad have nearly ended.  Today everybody has a bar code on their back and a price listed on the shop window.  But then again I suppose it has always been this way to a certain extent.  After all the best deal the Yankees ever made was not for any of those guys previously listed but to acquire this guy name Babe Ruth from the Red Sox.

I wonder how much the Great Bambino would go for today? 

 A lot more then Louisiana.  I can tell you that.