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Nedved May Join MLS Market

After David Beckham’s lucrative signing with the Los Angeles Galaxy a few years back, many aging European playmakers are beginning to consider making the big move across the small pond.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask legendary Czech Republic and Juventus attacking midfielder Pavel  Nedved about where he is considering playing out his career.

It is being reported that Nedved, one of the most sought after free agents in European football, is not retiring after all the speculation and even desires to play here in the states.  Nedved’s agent Mino Raiola speaking on an Italian radio station on the chances his client will play soccer anywhere again,  “Nedved is on vacation and will return soon, I think he will decide to continue playing.  I do not rule it [Inter] out. He can go wherever he wants and he wants a team that needs him, where he can make an important contribution.”

So it seems that although the aging midfielder might not retire, he still will be left weighing many options regarding where he might play next year.  Raiola did leave one ray of hope for U.S. soccer fans though,  “There is interest from the United States — a country that fascinates him.”  Nedved or his agent have not mentioned any particular MLS team where the Czech star would want to play, but the interest level seems to be present.

Nedved isn’t the only former MVP that is considering a move over to the states.  French striker Thierry Henry claims that when his La Liga contract runs out in 2011 he might transfer over to the New York Red Bulls who would happily take the star right now if he obliged.   And why not if the money is right, I am sure Nedved and Henry would consider signing with an MLS squad.  Nearing in on thirty-seven, Nedved has won the league trophies (three Serie A titles) and he has earned all of the individual honors (2003 Serie A Player of the Year and six-time Czech Player of the Year), so what left does the legend have to prove?

Now if we can get only get Henry to talk to Lionel Messi….