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USA vs Honduras: Raising the Bar

It is one of the biggest games in the soccer history of both countries.  Both squads must wait four years to have another chance as good as the one that they will see this weekend as Honduras hosts the United States in a critical World Cup Qualifier.  A win will put both squads in Position A for a spot in next years World Cup and a loss will make it that much more unlikely.  So with a game of this magnitude it must be turned on every television in North America and Central America, right?  Think again.

The United States and Honduras match is not only neglected from prime time television, but it has been all together lost on the television dialer.  The match will not be seen here in the United States on basic cable or even Direct TV for that matter.  No Fox Soccer Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Classic, ESPN Ocho Cinco, or even Telemundo will provide coverage of the match.  The reason for this?  Another motive for hoping Honduras loses.

It appears that our Central American rivals, Honduras, are blocking us Yanks from watching this critical World Cup deciding match.  Honduras controls the broadcast of the match and the countries officials opted into selling the distribution rights to Pay-Per-View type channels rather then a major syndicated network.  The motive for this is obvious: To stop Yanks from caring about the outcome.

But Honduras forgot one important thing.

We Yanks love every excuse in the book for going to bars and getting rowdy.  Many fans of the NFL on Sundays would rather post up on a wooden stool next to a guy that looks like he was a member of ZZ Top then sit on the fifty yard line.  Bar viewing simply brings an extra dynamic to the match.

So if you want to watch Honduras-USA today then start scouting out the paper and find the perfect place. 

Oh and beer mug banging on the countertop is mandatory for the second half of play.  It’s how montages begin.