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Come Home Freddy

US vs Mexico
Creative Commons License photo credit: William Holtkamp

Do you remember when Freddy Adu was a young teenager?  Everyone in the states hoped the child prodigy would become the next MJ or Tiger Woods of soccer.  In fact we watched him play against guys in the MLS that were twice his age. 

But even back then it seemed that Mr. Adu was in over his head.  I mean seriously people!  Can a 13-15 year old really play at the same level as a grown man?  Maybe in gymnastics or rowing (or any other sport that requires you to be smaller then an adult), but in the world’s most beautiful game?  I don’t think so.

And it appears that over the years Freddy Adu still doesn’t completely get it.  Now I will give him credit for picking Aris in the Greek Super League over the Premier League and Hull City.  And if Adu had ended up at City he would of likely had a special place reserved for his rear end on the bench, but what is most surprising is that the option to move to the world’s biggest and best league was even a consideration for both parties.

Freddy Adu has never scored more then two goals for any foreign team in his young career.  And even worse he has yet to play in one of the three major leagues (Serie A, La Liga, Premier) so far in his career.  So why would Hull even want a guy that struggles to score for stronger then average clubs in weaker leagues like France and Portugal?  Probably because they would love his speed in brief intervals off of the bench.

But at least Freddy will be getting some needed time on the pitch soon in Greece (although he should move back to the MLS).  Because if Freddy had signed with Hull City he would have been benched for the likes of the U.S. new young star Altidore.  Because lets face it. 

Altidore is our new, young MJ hopeful.