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Meet Robbie Findley

 I was always find the players on the end of the bench to be as fascinating as the players on the pitch.  Who knows?  You might be looking at the club’s next rising star. 

Robbie Findley sure hopes so.                       

If you’re an MLS fan then Robbie Findley probably needs no introduction.  Findley is a star forward for Real Salt Lake.  But if international soccer and the U.S. national team is more of your cup of tea then Findley is likely as unknown to you as the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa.


With only one cap in his career, Robbie Findley will join the U.S. squad next week in the World Cup qualifiers.  Originally a second round pick out of Oregon State for the LA Galaxy in 2007, Findley started his career as Cobi Jones’ backup and shortly replaced the most capped player in U.S. national team history.  But after only nine matches the club decided to trade Findley to Real Salt Lake for forward Chris Klein.

Since that 2007 trade, Findley has  found his groove scoring often for his new club.  With 44 goals for Real Salt Lake since the move, Findley has proven to be one of the best young American strikers in the game today.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Findley is related to two other professional athletes both in sports other then soccer?  That’s right, Robbie is cousins with NBA point guard Mike Bibby formerly of the Sacramento Kings and currently of the Atlanta Hawks and NFL wide receiver Shaun McDonald formerly of the Detroit Lions and now on the Pittsburgh Steelers.