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Meet Robbie Findley

 I was always find the players on the end of the bench to be as fascinating as the players on the pitch.  Who knows?  You might be looking at the club’s next rising star. 

Robbie Findley sure hopes so.                       

If you’re an MLS fan then Robbie Findley probably needs no introduction.  Findley is a star forward for Real Salt Lake.  But if international soccer and the U.S. national team is more of your cup of tea then Findley is likely as unknown to you as the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa.


With only one cap in his career, Robbie Findley will join the U.S. squad next week in the World Cup qualifiers.  Originally a second round pick out of Oregon State for the LA Galaxy in 2007, Findley started his career as Cobi Jones’ backup and shortly replaced the most capped player in U.S. national team history.  But after only nine matches the club decided to trade Findley to Real Salt Lake for forward Chris Klein.

Since that 2007 trade, Findley has  found his groove scoring often for his new club.  With 44 goals for Real Salt Lake since the move, Findley has proven to be one of the best young American strikers in the game today.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Findley is related to two other professional athletes both in sports other then soccer?  That’s right, Robbie is cousins with NBA point guard Mike Bibby formerly of the Sacramento Kings and currently of the Atlanta Hawks and NFL wide receiver Shaun McDonald formerly of the Detroit Lions and now on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

One thought on “Meet Robbie Findley

  1. ahmad

    we can’t sell eto’o unless we get a striker of the same quality because our current (pandev and milito) are not we need to be champions again , so i prefer we sell maicon sadly because he could bring us enough money to sign new young players specially that morenho wants him
    badly and that we signed nagatomo who i think can be a remarkable defender just how maicon was.

  2. joe

    Inter must be going cheap! I said it last week and I say it again – not expecting much from the upcoming season. Instead of hearing about plans for Sanchez, Kaka, Pastore, etc. we here names like Palacio!!!

    Please President Moratti gives something to hope for.

  3. Adam

    I’m fine with Maicon going….and perhaps Motta but losing Wesley will be the death of this team. Dos Santos, Palacio and Banegra though??? I get the connection between Gasperini and Palacio but not sure he’s worth bringing in.

  4. AABZ

    Can u write about calciopoli and whats happening plzz because we dont know from other websites its true or not ..
    thankyou dave

  5. Sani

    Barcelona is in debt like 450 mil euros. but they still buy players around 35 mil euros a player… and they wona 2 of them… so they can spend 70 mil and + even if they are in debt and we can not. Im not sure about the No: of Inter lost, but ether way the sponsorship kicks in there big time + the match day sales profit its bad. And of course Italy is not Spain or England + the new rule of UEFA it kicking next year so I think they are honest when they say of shifting of plans and ways for the future. Inter been very good in the transfer market in the recent past and Inter have such a quality in the youth witch we feed lower class of teams but we are not quite there like Barcelona is using his youth. We are not crazy in the market like in the end of the 90. But Inter never disappoint so hopefully they wont this time ether! For every champion going, there is a new born winer coming.

  6. Luccio

    I don’t get it either… If we have to sell then sell muntari, cordoba, and maicon. Suazo left so that’s one player we don’t pay for anymore. Maybe it’s time to sell one of the older midfielders. Cambiasso or stankovic maybe even though I’d hate to seem them go. Also, if inter is that desperate then maybe even sell chivu and pandev, but we need replacements and if we want chances of winning trophies we need good replacements. I’m happy inter isn’t being sucked into the crazy transfer market. Seems like everyone just gets a 50mil price tag all of a sudden cuz they had a good season or whatever. Also, I like Alvarez and banega but I don’t think palacio is necessary unless we sell a few strikers. We should keep sneijder, eto’o, and milito. Then get players to build around them. Don’t forget our defense. Ranochia is good and young but he’s the only young one that can be in the first team. I don’t know I just hope we can still compete in all tournaments this coming season.

  7. David

    I so hope that is not true. Of all the Barca players to name, Inter is linked with Santos???

  8. David

    Would love to see Maicon go and Eto’o and Sneijder stay, but I have the feeling that it will be Sneijder leaving, heading to the Premier League.

  9. AABZ

    doesnt make sence to me the last 3yrs from players we didnt spend alot not even close to 100mill and just to make sure something here maybe it was 449mil the expence of the club inclds(salaries,maintainince,signings..etc) but on the other hand we sold alot of players which made money actually like ibra,ballo,maxwell and we won alot which got us alot of money too how we lost 449mil on what????
    i prefer etoo or maicon to leave than sneijder to be honest

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