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Celebrity Faceoff: Drew Carey VS Bob Barker

In case you haven’t heard before, comedian and Price is Right replacement Drew Carey is a minority owner of MLS team, the Seattle Sounders. 

Which got the STO thinking.  If Drew Carey can own a team, then why not Bob Barker?  Barker does have more experience in, well, just about everything.  The STO debates which host would make the better MLS owner and know when The Price is Right.


Tale of the Tape

 Bob Barker     

Height: 6’1     Age: 86     Home: Darrington, WA

Bob Barker is possibly the most legendary gameshow host in television history.  He was the charming host of The New Price is Right for so long it wasn’t new at all.  Barker was the face of the game show for 35 years, breaking Johnny Carson’s record for hosting the same network TV show consistently.  Barker also knows how to throw down too.  He is a black belt in karate and has trained under the most powerful ginger alive, Chuck Norris.  And if you have seen Bob in Happy Gilmore, you know he wouldn’t be afraid to beat up and possibly dropkick some whiny athletes. 

Drew Carey     

Height: 5’10     Age:51     Home: Cleveland, OH       

Drew Carey was originally well known to the public for his own self-titled television show.  The Drew Carey Show ran for 121 episodes and lasted 9 seasons.  Carey also was the host of Whose Line is it Anyway before becoming the host of P.I.R.  But Carey recently has shown MLS fans his excellent improvisation as an minority owner.  Seattle is one of the most successful teams in all of the MLS.  They currently are in second place in the West behind Houston, but have played one less match than the leaders. 

The Winner

Adding up all the numbers for this one is tough.  It seems like logic would say that Drew Carey would make the better owner (being that he already is an owner and his team has a chance to win the MLS Cup this season),  but logic doesn’t really matter when you’re up against Bob Barker and Chuck Norris. 

Can you think of any better owner/coach combo than that?  Bob would smooth the crowd over with some Plinko, Hi Lo, Lucky $even, Flip Flop, and my personal favorite, Cliff Hangers.  And Walker Texas Ranger would teach those guys how to kick the ball at incredible, unhuman-like speed.  It would probably be one of the best sporting spectacles in all of the world. 

Besides Barker was the far superior host, so its impossible to bet against the white-haired legend.

And remember folks. 

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