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Now Girls Play Nice

They say that girls can be a lot crueler then boys and it’s no lie if you saw the highlights on ESPN of the college women’s soccer match between New Mexico and BYU yesterday.  Defender Elizabeth Lambert of New Mexico seemed to be playing the wrong sport as she tackled, punched, kicked, slapped, elbowed, and hair pulled opposing players throughout the match.  It got so bad over the ninety minutes that it eventually became unthinkable of how she had not been thrown out of the game.  Who was the referee of that match?  Was it her uncle Christopher Lambert from the legendary Highlander franchise?

Lambert was awarded a yellow card once when she kicked a ball that was already blown dead squarly into the opposition’s face.  Of course she argued that call like Rasheed Wallace argues a technical foul, but Lambert was lucky to even be in the match still at that point.  It was amazing to see such acts take place on a soccer field where usually one that flops is awarded for diving.  But in this case the referree was so lenient that he must be either a former MMA ref or he was completly blind. 

I am sure Lambert will receive severe punishment for her Bill Romanowski impression and lets be honest.  She deserves to be punished.  Not only for her over-the-top Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestling and pony tail pulling tactics, but also because in this day and age you should know that someone is always watching.  It might not catch up to you for a while, but in the age of technology all momentary lapses of judgment can be documented for eternity.