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Davies Hopes to Make Miracle Recovery

Porsche wreck - side
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kevin Hutchinson

If I had told you two months ago that critical forward/winger Charlie Davies was going to play in the World Cup for the U.S. you probably would have scolded me for joking about such a serious event.  After all Davies was fighting for his life after suffering a horrific car accident that left one person dead and Davies with several severely broken bones (including the femur), facial lacerations, and a lacerated bladder.  Following the accident most specialist believed that it would take Davies somewhere between 8-12 months to fully recover from the long list of injuries. 

But it appears that the U.S. national team player just might recover in time for this summer’s games.

In fact Davies is scheduled to have his last operation involved with the car accident in the upcoming week, and then after a week or two off for recovery, Davies is expected to begin training for football and could return to action by the end of April.  Davies has already healed from all his broken bones and actually began jogging once again about a week or two back.  And things are going so well with the recovery period that Davies might not only be ready for the World Cup this summer, but the striker hopes to rejoin his Sochaux club by the end of April so that he will be fully prepared for the tough competition in the World Cup.

Jim Hashimoto, former U.S. national team trainer who is overseeing Davies rehabilitation, had this to say regarding Davies potential recovery:

Charlie is pretty much light years ahead of where anybody would tell you he should be.  When everybody heard about the accident, including myself, it was like, ‘OK, this is going to be a long one’ – and it’s still going to be a long one, but to see his progress is pretty amazing.