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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

In the US Open Cup final earlier this week, I (and plenty of other soccer fans) witnessed one of the dirtiest plays in soccer since the last World Cup.  Although this play was not as legendary as the infamous Zidane headbutt or even the classic Wayne Rooney stomp of Christiano Ronaldo’s family jewels, it was still shocking to see. 

In the sixty-seventh minute of a 0-0 competition between Seattle and D.C., Seattle’s Freddy Montero broke loss near the goal.  The ball was slightly deflected by D.C. keeper Josh Wicks who while falling through the air lunged for the deflected ball.  Montero accidentally nudged the keeper’s head with his leg while putting the ball away from the keeper and into the net . 

But before Montero could get up and celebrate the first goal of the game with his team, keeper Josh Wicks abruptly stormed up to the defenseless goal scorer and promptly stomped on his chest with his cleats.  Montero rolled on the ground in agony for a while as the referees put the pieces of the puzzle together.  After realizing that Montero was in fact not an actor and a soccer player in incredible pain, the refs threw Wicks out of the game. 

What was most surprising of all the events that unfolded in Seattle’s 2-1 win was the keepers reaction to the red card.  Wicks flipped out and verbally assaulted any and every referee on the pitch.  He was eventually dragged away from the pitch by his teammates, but the behavior would lead you to believe the keeper will be suspended for multiple games. 

The only question is will Wicks be immediately suspended from MLS league play or will he only be fined for US Open Cup play?  With an outburst like that the MLS should take immediate action and suspend Wicks for at least five matches if not the rest of the season.