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Stadium Lifts Ban on Galaxy Fan

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that David Beckham loves a good, solid handshake.

Apparently the guy is not a fan of the fist pound or the high five.  Just simply the handshake. 

And of course we all remember Becks’ most recent attempt at receiving a handshake with a Galaxy fan at halftime of his first home match against his other squad, AC Milan.   That attempt at receiving a handshake would be considered a great failure.  The fan accepted the offer and entered the pitch; and then was rightfully removed from the stadium by security.  

But there is good news for the anonymous fan who decided to hop onto the field and take up Beckham on his strange offer.  The lifetime ban that was placed on the unkown Galaxy fan by the Home Depot Center has been seriously downgraded.  In fact the fan is no longer banned from home matches at all.  

Apparently the people at the Home Depot Center were a little bit too harsh with their initial penalty and in the end they exchanged an entire lifetime of banishment for a few weeks without Galaxy home matches.  Katie Pandolfo, the Home Depot Center’s general manager, admits that the Galaxy convinced the stadium officials to abolish the fan’s ban due to Beckham’s own part in instigating the incident.   “When David Beckham motioned to the fan to come down to the field to shake his hand, he was unaware of the stadium’s policies regarding fans who enter the field of play.  Therefore, we have decided to remove the life ban issued to the individual.”

No word yet on whether or not Beckham and the fan will hand shake out their differences. Although I’m sure Beckham will hear from the fan sometime in the near future.