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Start Thinking About X-Mas

Just like every year before you know it Christmas will be upon us and you will be right next to me in line at the mall on the night of the 24th.  Well don’t make the same mistake again and get you’re stuff done early.  And if you know anyone that is soccer obsessed (likely you if you read the STO) then make sure to get them the perfect gift for anyone from the ages of five to fifty.  FIFA 2010 just hit stores a week ago and it came out the perfect time for an X-mas gift.

But many of these soccer games are nearly the exact same thing.  Is FIFA 10 even worth buying? 

If the money is there then I would definitely say, Yes.  Like all new video games FIFA 10 has some unique new additions to the game.  The first thing I noticed while playing was how much more realistic dribbling is.  If a player wants to pull off any type of  deaking or dribbling move the motion is much more practical then previous editions.  Also players can back pedal with the ball or maneuver side-to-side much more fluidly. 

The second addition I have noticed that is pretty cool is that you can now design plays for dead ball moments in the box.  This feature can completely change a match against your buddy when you call The Annexation of Puerto Rico or some other catchy phrase for well designed plays.  This feature is groundbreaking for FIFA and takes many of the successful features of the Madden series and splices it into FIFA’s own series.

Most of all what makes FIFA 10 worth owning is the fact that the rosters are precisely updated and the graphics are just that much smoother. 

Now the only question left is whether or not you should try to repackage the gift once December rolls around…