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Marseille’s Curse Has Been Lifted!

Severed goat head hung from Harry Caray statue at Wrigley FieldSome curses are never meant to be broken.

Take baseball’s the Chicago Cubs.  The Curse of the Billy Goat is one of the most renowned curses known to man.  In 1945 Billy Sianis, a local Chicago bar owner, had two tickets to Game 4 of the World Series.  Sianis decided to take his beloved pet goat to the important game, but he wasn’t allowed entrance into the stadium with his strange pet.  The result was that the Cubs blew their one game lead and went on to lose the Series and they still haven’t won one 65 years since the incident.  Many claim this is due to the prejudice that the organization had towards Mr. Sianis and his goat.

Well in France their is no such tale of the Billy Goat (at least that I know of), but French side Marseille is well known for possessing several goats over the last few decades.  The popular French club hadn’t won a single trophy since the 1992-1993 UEFA Champions League title, but that all changed recently.

The club recently won the French League Cup with a 3-1 victory over Bordeaux and the achievement is their first recorded title of the new millennium.  Sure 17 years is a long time for fans to wait, but compared to the Cubs it seems like more of a tasty cake break then real agony.  None the less Marseille hadn’t won since the 1990’s and following their last title the organization experienced many frustrating setbacks including a bribery scandal in 1993 and several heartbreaking losses over the years.

But the good news in France is that one of their most beloved teams is significant once again and a curse has been lifted for good.

Now if someone would buy that goat a beer and a hotdog and let him into the game then another streak might also end.

Creative Commons License photo credit: guano