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AVB Reveals Lampard And Cole Questioned His Team Selection

In what should not come as a surprise, Chelsea coach Andres Villas-Boas has admitted that some of his senior players questioned his team selection for the Napoli fixture.

According to AVB, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole who both started from the bench were disappointed at his decision to leave them out of his starting line up. Even i was shocked at Chelsea line up.

For one, i did not expect Malouda to start and as for Ramires, i simply do not have any words to explain why he always starts. I mean his not a bad player, but there is better.

“Whatever explanations I gave you would be fantastic if we’d won but are now useless given the result of the game, so there’s no point,”AVB told reporters.

“We wanted two hard-working midfielders sitting in front of the defence. That’s not to say that Lamps could not do it, for sure he could, but that was the decision we took.

“It was technical decisions. You can have your opinion but it was based on what was the best team in my thoughts.

“I had a conversation with Ashley and Frank. Normally, through the players that they are and the players with the experience they have, they felt they could have helped the team. That’s perfectly understandable. Of course, they were disappointed but they were decisions they have to accept and move on.”

The writing is definitely on the wall, for AVB and there is nothing worse for a coach or player trying to prove their worth. You only have to look at Torres to understand what i am saying.

I don’t see AVB sticking with the Blues longer than this season (which is a good thing) however, i don’t see any worthy replacements either. So with the FA Cup being their other only realistic trophy, this will no doubt be the worst ever season in the post Abramovich era.

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