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The Best of the Rest of My Soccer Blogs

It is time for me to hang up my sack of metaphorical soccer blogging balls (I couldn’t resist just one last bad bawdy pun), and it is with sadness that I say goodbye to you today. I enjoyed sharing my passion for soccer with you on this site, and I hope you enjoyed my Best US Soccer Blogs and my Best [...]

My Best World Soccer Blogs

Over the last 30 months, I have provided you with plentiful posts about the world and the way people play that crazy game with your feet all over it. Whether you call it soccer, football, futbol, calcio or kick the kiwi, it is the same beautiful game. Over the years, I have written about all the earth’s [...]

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Ladies and gentleman, the World Cup has come to an end. Across the globe, our brightest soccer light will not shine for nearly four years. I am even more despondent, you see, because – alas – my blogging career is now ending as well. That’s right, the Yank will retire after a mere three more [...]

“Soccer” is defined by some Ivory Tower types as “a game played on a rectangular field with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to drive a ball into the other’s goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except the arms and hands.” I don’t [...]

2010 World Cup Final Preview

Tomorrow, the Netherlands will take on Spain for all the proverbial marbles at the 2010 World Cup Final. They have bested the rest from around the world in order to make it to this match, and the winners will not just become heroes to their fellow citizens, they will become legends before the entire globe. [...]

Doc Brown’s 2014 World Cup Predictions

Great Scott, Marty!It’s me once again, Doctor Emmitt Brown… and I am back… from the FUTURE!I have recently returned from the year 2014 where I watched the thrilling World Cup Final between… What’s that Marty? You want to know who killed JR on Dallas? But you don’t need to have gone to the future to [...]

2010 MLS Power Rankings: Week 14

MLS Power Rankings (07/01) – Last Week’s Rank In ParenthesisLA Galaxy (1): Sure, they only picked up one point, but they’re still #1.Columbus Crew (3): The “Hand of GBS” helped lift CMB up one spot.N.Y. Red Bulls (5): A dominating road win over KCW has NYRB rising.  Colorado Rapids (4): COL proved its mettle with a road [...]

US Soccer Monthly Musings: June Edition

The Month: The month of June derives its name from Juno, the Roman goddess who called Jupiter her hubby and spawned Mars, Minerva and Vulcan. She was known as a special protector of those who worshipped her, and famous literary lads like Bill Shakespeare always portrayed her as a cruel, warlike god. Thus, she was a [...]

USA-GHA Review: This Is The End

I always wait 48 hours before blogging about a disappointing US defeat. I utilize this delay because I could usually write some vitriolic stuff about the squad immediately following a loss. But, as Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte could tell you, much can change over 48 hours, so it is imperative that I let my [...]

US Soccer Birthday Roast: Davies Edition

The Host: Everyone gather round, it is time to celebrate the birthday of Charlie Davies who turns 24 today. Charlie, we love you, happy birthday man. And hey, we have also all been “lovin’ it” here at McDonalds where we are (1) honoring you for your feats (with your feet) over your career and (2) going face down into that [...]