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Fabio Capello Has The Right Idea Now!

Bring the ladies along. Fabio Capello!  Good job!  I never thought I’d say that.  Not because I hate him, but because he had made some pretty bad managerial moves in the past few months.  Now, he seems to be on the right track. The WAGS might have a way back into the lives of their [...]

Rooney Says His Groin Will Be “Fine”

That’s probably about how bad he feels right now. Wayne Rooney has been plagued by injuries all season and now that the season is nearly over we have more troubles for Rooney.  Though he was just named the English FA Player of the Year he is not without worries.  His groin injury has kept him [...]

Kamara’s Miss Hurts

Don’t watch the highlights of the Wizards/Galaxy match if you have a weak constitution.  Kei Kamara’s miss just hurts–I’m not saying it made me sick, but I winced when I watched it. I think this kind of miss speaks to a much greater problem in the MLS.  I’m not saying things like this don’t happen [...]

Kaka Doesn't Deserve Any Criticism

He just won a match for you and yet the fans are still mad at Kaka.  I’m not sure why but I think I have an answer–as ridiculous as it may sound.He’s had to talk about this alot lately:“I’ve spent many years in the world of football, but the worst is that they doubt my [...]

Lloris Transfer Rumors Rile Up Lyon

Lyon’s coach, Claude Puel, isn’t too happy about new reports concerning his goalkeeper.  It seems that Hugo Lloris has been linked to Bayern Munich just before the second leg of their Champion’s League Semi-Final.  This further continues my theory that European guys with “machismo” need some drama. Just for one second, let’s think about where [...]

Robben Doesn’t Have To Be Sorry

Arjen Robben is not used to being subbed-in for.  In fact, it’s possible that he is subbed-for so little that he can hardly remember what it feels like from match to match.  So, I can understand the following scenario. He was subbed in the final 5 minutes of Bayern’s win over Lyon.  Well, he didn’t [...]

Now Ronaldo Wants Pellegrini In Madrid?

For someone who just got to Madrid about a year ago Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be awfully interested in shaking the foundations of Real Madrid every time he opens his mouth.  I’ve already blasted him in this space for saying that he wouldn’t mind having Jose Mourinho as his coach–even though Manuel Pellegrini is still [...]

I Was Right–Crazy Coaches Work!

Who’s the prettiest? So, in the “change of heart” category I totally won yesterday when Bayern defeated Lyon 1-0.  I just had a thought that coaches who motivate through the media can have great effect on their players and that it somehow works in International Soccer when it doesn’t work anywhere else. I think I [...]

Bayern and Lyon Rethink

After Inter Milan completely smashed Barca in the first leg of their Champion’s League Semi-Final yesterday I wanted to do some rethinking about Bayern and Lyon.  I had totally assumed that Barca and their fearless leader–Leo Messi–would crush Inter.  Alas, I was wrong. No, I have to wonder if Lyon is going to succumb to [...]

Dallas and D.C. Still Looking For Victories

Dallas and D.C. are the only two teams left in the MLS without a win and now we’re left to wonder if we should just let the vultures start picking at them this early in the season. Dallas.  Dallas.  Dallas.  Last season I praised you for an attacking style that erupted into a 6 goal [...]