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Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes a Dad

IMG_3179Portugal and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world yesterday when he announced via his twitter and facebook pages that he has become a father. Ronaldo’s management  have also confirmed the news this morning.

A direct quote from everyone’s favourite chronically over-tanned midfielder: “It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy. As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship. No further information will be provided on this subject and I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these are.”

Premier League

Brazil Crash Out of World Cup, Netherlands through to the Semi-Finals

Dutch treatAn own goal and a foolishly acquired red card spelled the difference between winning and losing in today’s quarterfinal clash  between football titans, Brazil and Holland.

After a few offside mishaps, Robinho managed to nab an early lead for the Brazilians and the rest of the first half seemed to come along fairly similarly: Brazil dominated. It was hard to imagine the Dutch making a breakthrough as each ball looked to be dead even before it was passed to a hapless Robin van Persie, who has yet to hit his stride at this tournament. The inevitable Dutch in-fighting rumours popped up after he was subbed off during their match against Slovakia, complaining that he wasn’t being passed the ball — a Sneijder v. RVP attitude that has allegedly crept into the Dutch camp has also been cited. The pressure on van Persie to perform today was great and, almost predictably, desperation seeped into his game as he made lazy decisions and took botched shots.

World Cup

Would the Real Brazil Please Stand Up?: Why Brazil Shouldn’t Win the World Cup

BRASILHandballs and half-heartedly played matches have defined Brazil at the World Cup thus far. And if you’ll allow me to be blunt for a moment, I’ll say what many of us are secretly thinking but are hesitant to admit: Brazil do not deserve to win the World Cup. Aside from the brief glimmers of magic we saw from Maicon and Elano, the Brazilians have been a complete snooze.

World Cup

More France Drama: Evra Absent From Press Conference

Man Utd V ArsenalIn only the latest drama to come out of the France camp, team captain Patrice Evra was mysteriously absent from France’s press conference today. Evra’s unexplained absence has the press humming with speculation.

Continuing the trend of impossibly shambolic team/staff relations, the most prominent rumour so far has been that Evra has had the captain’s armband taken away from him, likely due to his training ground bust-up with the team’s fitness trainer, Robert Duverne. Add in the fact that slightly surreal photographs of Nicolas Anelka landing at London’s Heathrow airport attempting to look inconspicuous while wearing dark shades and a familiar sulky expression after being dumped out on his behind by the FFF, are now hitting the papers and you can’t really blame the French team from wanting to throw in the towel. Life’s got to be hard in the France camp right now.

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Daniele de Rossi: Italy, Don’t Be Like France

The moment has come...Ahead of Italy’s clash with New Zealand on Sunday, Italy and Roma midfielder, Daniele de Rossi, has some choice words for his teammates: don’t be like France. There’s no doubt that de Rossi was engaging in some very serious hyperbole yesterday when he likened Italy’s situation to that of Les Bleus saying that, ‘Losing to New Zealand would probably mean we would risk going out like France,’ but let’s humour de Rossi for a moment and consider the thought.

World Cup

Five Reasons Why Spain Lost To Switzerland

Iker CasillasBlaming Iker Casillas’ girlfriend seems to be in vogue right now but anyone with even a sliver of common sense knows that Sara Carbonero, a TV presenter who also happens to be Casillas’ girlfriend, had nothing to do with this even if she was in the stadium… standing behind his goal during his warm-up… and conducted what must have been the most surreal interview the Spanish keeper has ever had to give right after the match.

Here are a few substantive reasons for Spain’s not-actually-so-shocking shock loss to Switzerland.

1. Carles Puyol was terrible.

World Cup

Chelsea, Manchester City Chase Torres

Doesn't work out for Torres this timeIt looks like the race to sign Liverpool’s Fernando Torres just got a little more serious. A lot more serious, actually — we’re talking league record transfer type of serious. ESPN Soccernet is reporting today that Chelsea have entered a verbal bid for Torres worth £50 million. According to their source, Man City have also put in a verbal bid that’s worth £25 million more than Chelsea’s for the striker. An inside source tells ESPN Soccernet: “Liverpool would naturally want the bigger sum, but Torres has made it perfectly clear that he won’t be joining Manchester City, even though City would go as high as £200,000-a-week wages.”

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Portugal v Ivory Coast: The Elusiveness of Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

I admittedly spend most of the regular season being annoyed by Didier Drogba. This can be attributed mostly to my intense hate of Chelsea, a hate, which by default, extends itself to many of their players. However, as a strange type of backwards compliment to the awful feelings that rock me when I watch him score for a club that I abhor possibly more than I love my own, there is also a rather peculiar affection that I feel for the stony-eyed Ivorian that runs deep. Actually, it’s much more than affection, if I’m honest. It’s a feeling that swells inside me whenever I see him in Ivorian orange – one of those feelings so strong that it reassures you, makes you think ‘ah, this is indeed the beautiful game.’

World Cup

Zidane bashes Domenech and French Team

zidaneFrance legend, Zinedine Zidane, has weighed in on the disappointing situation the French currently finding themselves in after their opening match at the World Cup.

Speaking on French television channel, Canal Plus, Zidane said that Domenech is “not a coach” and that there was “no teamwork” on the French side saying that the team has “seen too many individuals”. The difficult part for France supporters to stomach is, of course, that Zizou is not terribly off the mark with his comments at all. In fact, I’d wager that he’s right on the money. With all the infighting going on in the French camp at the moment and Domenech’s truly perplexing squad selections (ie. In what world does a player play in the World Cup one month and then ship off the MLS the next? Looking at you, Henry) which have called not only the man’s competence but sanity into question, France is a mess.