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Australia's World Cup Preview: The Debate

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Orin Zebest

The Glass is Half Full

Australia will win the World Cup because of the robbery that was committed on them last World Cup by the Italians.  The squad had a fantastic run in which they earned the second spot in their group table alongside Brazil and then in the second round group of 16 they were robbed by poor officiating.  Anybody that was watching the final minute of that 0-0 match knows that Fabio Grosso deserves an Academy Award nomination for his dive in the box and unfortunately the officials were huge fans of his acting work.  Australia was robbed when they had played so well against a powerhouse and as a result Italy was crowned winner of the tournament.  This summer expect some Mad Max type of defense from these Australian madmen.

The Glass is Half Empty

Australia was lucky to have ever gotten to the second round of the tournament in 2006 and this time they will not be so easily overlooked by stronger opponents.  Also their inability to consistently score against respectable teams will turn their Cup hopes into vegemite.  The only real chance the squad has is if they allow their many talented actors from their continent to study the role of a footballer and portray one on the field.  On second thought having Hugh Jackman, Guy Pierce, Russell Crowe, Simon Baker, and Crocodile Dundee as your coach would be a terrible idea.  None of these guys have a background in football.  Although it would sure be entertaining to watch.  How about a rule of one celebrity per team?  Think about it FIFA.  We might be onto something here.  But either way Australia doesn’t have a chance of winning.  After all last Cup was the best they ever did and that was overachieving.