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Atletico Madrid strengthen their defense

Atletico Madrid have been hoping to sign someone who can strengthen their defense and it seems like they have been able to do just that as they went on to sign Brazilian full-back Filipe Luis from Deportivo La Coruna. Having said to sign with Atletico Madrid for  €13.5 million, the Spanish club will definitely be looking to benefit from signing the 24 year old.

Although he was unable to take part for Brazil in the World Cup in South Africa because of suffering a broken ankle in January, Filipe Luis is still a dominate defender who was even said to be linked to a move with La Liga champions Barcelona last season.

The sale of Filipe Luis can also now allow Deportivo La Coruna to settle a debt that is said to be for €4 million for Sergio Gonzalez. Should the club not pay for their debt, they face not only a penalty that will see them owe more, but also see them relegated to the 2nd division of La Liga.

Think Deportivo La Coruna will use the money to pay off the debt? See Filipe Luis helping Atletico Madrid reach a higher level? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.