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Atletico Madrid Sack Head Coach

Well it must be time for the holidays with all the firings that are beginning to occur around the world of football.  Plenty of dismal managers have already been kicked to the curb in other leagues and now La Liga has its first prominent replacement happening this week.  Atletico Madrid’s skipper Abel Resino is the first coach to go from any powerhouse squad in Spain and the coach could not last an entire year in total length with his new squad.

Restino took over the Atletico Madrid job last February when his Segunda Division squad, Castellon, was among the best clubs in the second tier.  Restino’s promotion to the Primera Division would be a job title that the man would do his best to live up to.  In his nine games as the coach of Atletico last season the club won every match, but one.  They finished the year on a strong note and by season’s end were a top four finisher. 

Sometimes starting that hot can only lead you towards problematic ussues in your second year.  This would definetely be the case for Restino this season as his squad would take a huge dip in the standings and struggle to reamin afloat in the league table.  With only six points earned so far this year, Atlectio Madrid is currently in fifteenth place and they have only won a single match all season.

But what likely cost Restino his job was the squads poor play in recent Champions League competetions.  Earlier this week Premier League powerhouse Chelsea embarrassed the squad in a 4-0 drubbing.