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Atletico Madrid Receives Fine for Derby

It is one of the biggest rivalries in all of Spanish football.   But this season Atletico Madrid will receive more punishment for fans involvement in the derby then the 3-2 loss the reeling club has already suffered.  In the second half of the match Real Madrid coach Manuel Pellegrini was struck in the side of the face by an object flung from the stands.  The referee witnessed the attack and asked the manager if he was okay with allowing the match to play on which Pellegrini was.  The attack on the coach resulted in a 150 euro fine for the hosting squad of the rivalry.

And the Yank believes that the punishment does not fit the crime.  I understand both sides of the debate that why should Atletico receive punishment for something done by one (likely) drunk man? Is the entire organization really to blame?  Why yes it is.

Would the fan have ever flung a coin or piece of debris at his own beloved home team?  Maybe and maybe not.  It doesn’t matter if it was or wasn’t the fans intent to hurt the away side’s coach the result is all that matters.  A coach was attacked while he was doing his job.  Imagine if someone pegged you with a coin in the face while you were sitting behind your desk making your daily calls to potential clients.  Not cool.

So why should it be any different when you’re at a sporting event and you’ve had a few drinks. Assault is assault whether it was done with a coin, rock, parking cone, or penguin.  Throwing objects at people’s face from a range that can seriously hurt them should always be fined.  Just not monetarily.  Pellegrini should get a chance to peg that fan in the face with a coin. 

Then they would truly be even Steven.