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Atletico Madrid Cruising to Copa Finals in First Leg

Creative Commons License photo credit: bernjan

Atletico Madrid has had a rough year in league play.  In fact the regular top four squad has not lived up to that title this season.  But that mindset can all change with a critical win in the biggest tournament in Spanish football.  Atletico is currently enjoying a four goal lead over Racing Santander and the middle of the pack squad is all but a guarantee to make the Copa del Rey final.  The second leg of the semi-final will be played on the same day as the Getafe-Sevilla match,February 10th, and Atletico would have to lose by four or five goals and also be shutout to be bumped from making the final.  Racing Santander will host the match though.

Atletico’s win of the first leg was by blow out victory.  The club scored two goals in each half of action including two penalties in the second half of the match taken by Diego Forlan.  One of the penalties was a bad call due to the fact that you could clearly see the attacker was taken down outside of the box, but the refs ruled that it was a PK and Atletico took advantage of the bad call.  The game was never in question as Atletico cruised to an embarrassing 4-0 victory. 

With a four goal lead going into this week’s match, it seems like a guarantee that the squad will play in the final.  The most likely match-up will be Sevilla-Atletico which is extremely strange to say because it does not include the words Barcelona or even Real Madrid.