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Atletico Madrid Coach, Quique Sanchez: "Luis Garcia laughed at Atletico Madrid".

Atletico Madrid had all the right to be upset after suffering a loss to Espanyol at the Vicente Calderon. However, one thing Atletico Madrid coach, Quique Sanchez, was not having is being disrespected by a player form the visiting team.

“Luis Garcia laughed at Atletico Madrid.” Said Sanchez after the game.

With Madrid having to taste a 3-2 defeat to the hands of Espanyol, Sanchez was fuming after the game in regards to a goal in which he felt Espanyol showed little class.

“There was a player out [of the pitch] and I heard one of Espanyol players tell him to get inside [the line] to waste more time. I do not like being laughed at, just that. We are in our house and you have to have respect. I hate what happened, I do not like it when players take advantage and do what they do. It’s not sport. He laughed when I came to intervene. If the player can continue, he must continue. It is important to know how to lose and know how to win as well.”

Although the referee did make some questionable calls and no-calls, Sanchez did not want to comment on the ref’s performance, “I do not want to talk about the referees, we had two actions which favored us in San Sebastian and it appears they had been given against us in this case.”

A sad day for the fans of Madrid as Sanchez feels that they could have come out with the win, “It has been a very open game, very mad, with chances that could have ended in any way, but ended in the worst way. I want to apologise to the fans. They have been supportive at all times, it was a tough day but we will continue fighting to bring them a team of Champions,”

Think the referee helped Espanyol out with the win? What did you think of the game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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