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Atletico Asked Juve 45 Million For Aguero

Juventus interest towards Atletico Madrid striker, Sergio “Kun” Aguero, has been filling the media since few weeks ago and the news gets even hotter after the Spanish club’s chief, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, confirmed that the Turin giant have asked for the Argentinian.

However, Marin stated that Juve has yet to make an official offer as the chief also added that should the Italian club are serious they should prepare around 45 million Euro to prize up Aguero.

“The only side which I have talked to are Juventus. I have been contacted by the Italian club, they have sent me a letter in which they have asked to negotiate for the player. Last Monday we received a fax from the Bianconeri. They showed their interest, but we will only let Aguero go for €45m – and not a euro less, “ Marin said.

This statement could very well be a positive sign that Atletico are at least willing to negotiate with Juventus, should the Turin giant really wants to purchase Aguero from the Spaniard this summer. Surely the prize that Atletico are asking might be a bit too much for the Bianconeri’s liking, but the pretty good relationship between two clubs could at least be a bridge that could make something happen for the Turin giant.

Reports in Italy have also stated that previously, Juventus’ director general, Beppe Marotta, has already meet up with Aguero agent to discuss some matters but it seems that the Bianconeri haven’t made their official move towards the club as just yet. Marotta himself has already stated that the Argentinian is among few of their targets to fill the forward position at the Turin giant next season as the Italian are hoping to get themselves back into the Serie A elites after suffering two disappointing season.